How to Increase NAD+ Levels in the Body

NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide basically refers to a certain cofactor that is found in every living cell. The basic compound called the dinucleotide consists of two nucleotides, one of which contains an adenine nucleobase and another that contains nicotinamide. These two are joined through their phosphate groups.

It is important to have high levels of NAD+ in your body. This is because NAD+ helps the body in different ways positively. In this article, we will look at some of the natural ways that can increase NAD+ levels in your body.

1. Exercise
Daily exercises help to boost NAD+. When you are working out your body needs more NAD+ in order to produce energy. This means your body will have to produce more NAD+. This basically means your mitochondria will be in over drive. When you stop working out, your body is still going to produce NAD, and this means there will be a natural increase of NAD+ levels in your system.

2. Dieting
Dieting, especially the ketosis diet helps in naturally increasing NAD+ in the body as well. Ketosis is simply a fat eating diet. Research has proven that when you eat fat, your body learns to burn down fats for energy and weight loss is a result of the same. When your body is burning down the fats to use, it translates to an increase in the body’s NAD+ levels.

3. Fasting
Fasting simply means denying the body food and going hungry. When you fast, you decrease the level of calories in your body. Your body then will run out of NADH and produce NAD+. This is because the mitochondria will again be shocked to overdrive and thus increase your levels of NAD+. This is again another natural way to increase NAD+ in your system.

4. Exposure to Heat
Studies have shown that when the body is exposed to heat like a sauna, the NAD+ levels tend to increase. When you are in a sauna your body goes into a “cool down” mode and in order for this to happen the body needs to produce a lot of energy.

This translates to a min workout and thus increase in NAD+ to produce more energy. To get the best out of this, you can try to do some stretching or drinking cold water while in the sauna as these two will even help the body produce more NAD+.

5. Fermented Drinks and Food
Food and drinks that go through a chemical process of fermentation contain a certain amount of NAD+ in them. Consuming such foods leads to the increase of NAD+ levels in the body. This method may not be friendly for people who are gluten intolerant but can work well for those who are not.

High NAD+ levels are very important in boosting the immune system, increasing energy levels, and also in staying youthful. This is why it is important to maintain a high level of NAD+ levels in your body.